You might wonder what makes Cedar Hill Farm Company yarns different from the highly commercial, mass-marketed yarns of your local yarn shops and the highly publicized online companies.  Well, to be honest, our yarns aren't for everyone.  They are for the discerning yarn buyer who shares our opinion that if a person is going to put hours, days, weeks, and months into a knitted, crocheted, or woven project, then it doesn't make any sense to use cheap, factory-produced yarns.  Like you, I want my finished object to be unique and eye-popping.  I want the recipient of my efforts to be in love with both what I've made and what I've made it from. The yarns that we offer are everything that you need to give you the confidence to share your love of crafting with the people of your world.  Our yarns are guaranteed not to bleed or fade under normal care conditions and they are dyed by hand, not mass-produced in a factory in China or Peru.  Each hank of yarn that we dye is unique in and of itself, even if we have several hanks available in that color way. Our farm-raised Single Sheep is the most uniquely crossbred wool that you will find on the market.  I want my yarn and what I make from it to be treasured for generations to come. Don't you?

We also offer custom dyeing, which is something that you don't get from the commercial yarn labels. Send us a picture and we'll send you your matching yarn!

We currently offer our certified organic, locally grown, hand painted artisan yarns here: 

Cedar Hill Farm Company Yarns